Urfi Javed: 'I Have To Wear Different Clothes.'

Urfi Javed's out-of-date style looks to be putting her in difficulty. In actuality, Urfi Javed was questioned by the Mumbai Police on Saturday in response to a complaint made by Chitra Kishore Wagh, the president of the BJP Maharashtra Mahila Morcha. The BJP leader had raised a complaint about Mumbai street performer and TV personality Urfi for "exposing her body."

Urfi Javed: 'I Have To Wear Different Clothes.'
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In this case, Urfi is now in front of the Mumbai Police & declared, "I am an independent person. I love taking pictures and dressed differently. The law does not consider this to be a crime. When I go out for such assignments, media follow me and take photos of me, which are then shared online. They don't get popular online just of me.

Earlier, Urfi had met Rupali Chakankar, chairperson of the Women's Commission, upset by Chitra Wagh's words. Urfi Javed said that Chitra Wagh's comments about her put her at risk of mob lynching.

Urfi, on the other side, stated on social media that she is not afraid of anyone in answer to Chitra's remarks. Lawyer Satpute for Urfi Javed revealed in a private conversation that "we have filed a complaint against Wagh for threatening Urfi." Threats are coming from a member of the ruling party. This indicates that the national government backs it. Such comments may be harmful to Urfi Javed. Do not make such remarks again, Chitra Wagh. To stop this, we'll also speak with the Mumbai Police.

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